Can’t sleep? Don’t do this.

I always sigh and chuckle to myself when I read  my social media feeds in the morning and see all the "I can't sleeeeppp," posts from the middle of the night. I laugh, not because I'm some sick, sadistic person who gets pleasure out of my friend's insomnia. I smile only because it's ironic. Why, you ask? Logging on to your Facebook/Twitter/Vine/etc. pages is NOT going to help you sleep. In fact, it makes trying to fall back asleep even worse.  The light that emanates from your computer, … [Read more...]

Tweet your heart out, ladies and gentlemen! #ISPAEXPO

Have you ever seen one of these before at a trade show or event? If you haven't, allow us to introduce you to one another. Digital wall, this is (insert your name here.) (Insert your name here,) this is the Digital Wall.There--now that we have the niceties down, let's get down to the fun part of what the world of social media and this digital wall will have to offer at the upcoming ISPA EXPO 2012, shall we? Social media is one of the most efficient ways to reach your audience on a … [Read more...]