Youuu are getting verrry sleeppyy

Turns out that you can coax your mind into a restful sleep by repeating a few key words. According to a new study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, after 5 minutes of exposure to sleep-related words like "cozy" and "relax," people snoozed 47 percent longer during a brief nap period than those who didn't see the language. Heart rates also dropped significantly among those who read the drowsy cue words -- a sign of deeper rest, the study authors say. A follow-up experiment showed the … [Read more...]

Back to school means back to healthy sleep routines

Can you hear that? There are collective cries of joy throughout the land, from parents near and far. It can only mean one thing... school is back in session! While going back to school can add a new level of stress for both children and parents, the routine can sometimes be helpful. This is especially true for children's sleep schedules. Sleep specialists say it's important to get all school-aged children on a sleep routine as soon as possible, preferably before classes begin. "It is … [Read more...]

Why do we sleep?

We all know that sleep is important, and if we if we go long enough without ZZzzzzzs, we face some real health consequences. But do you ever wonder WHY we sleep? Interestingly enough, researchers really aren't sure, but have their own hypothesis on why we close our eyes and zone out every night. While we don't 100% know what makes us sleep, we do know that the brain is highly active during sleep. According to a popular current theory, the resting brain is nearly as busy as the waking brain … [Read more...]

How long can you survive without sleep?

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about Michael Jackson's death and what may have caused it. A doctor testified that Michael Jackson went without "real" sleep for 60 days leading up to his death. SIXTY DAYS!? I can't go without sleep for more than A day, much-less SIXTY. Anyone that knows me can attest to the beast I become when I don't get enough sleep. (And with baby on the way, you can start sending your sympathies to Mr. M.) The testimony raises questions about … [Read more...]