For the tired ladies…

If you're anything like me, your bedtime routine usually consists of these phrases: "I CAN'T TURN MY BRAIN OFF!" "I have to be up in 5 hours...4...3...etc." "So, tomorrow I need to get this done and then I have that one appointment..." Sadly, sleep loss among women is all too common. According to the Better Sleep Council (BSC), 68 percent of surveyed women get less than the recommended 7-8 hours of rest each and every night. Moreover, according to  the BSC, the top three factors that rob … [Read more...]

The flu season is nearly upon us…

Break out your tiny violins people, you're about to read a sleep deprived blog post. But take it as a warning to protect yourselves! As I sit here writing this, I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant, uncomfy, with (what feels like) a raging case of preggo-induced itchy hands and feet, which is keeping me up at night, which probably lead to me getting this head cold. I love when people tell me to "catch up on sleep now" because that ain't happening. I digress... I knew it was only a matter of … [Read more...]

What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

What would happen if you stopped sleeping one day? And no, this isn't a trick question... Check out the fun video below and share your thoughts! (If for some reason the video doesn't load, refresh the page and it should pop up.) Until next time, Sweet dreams! ~KM … [Read more...]

Sleeping like a baby

I'm having a t-minus 7(ish) weeks and counting. (EEEK!?) I thought at this stage that I'd be sleeping like a baby, but alas, my body is in full "mommy mode" and I'm waking up all hours of the night. Human nature, you are a wonderful and crappy thing. I appreciate you trying to get me ready for the baby, but let me have my sleep while I can. K, thanks. turns out I'm not the only one not sleeping like a baby these days. Read any media outlet out there and chances are … [Read more...]