What does your sleep smell like?

I have been told that I have a supernatural nose. I will admit, I am a little “nosetastic”. It’s my own superhero power. (Or so I like to think.) I am a sucker for scented soaps, lotions, sprays, candles… you name it -- I have probably bought it and tried it at home! The Better Sleep Council tells us that smells often subconsciously connect us to certain memories or moods and last month BedTimes magazine reported that having a pleasant scent and a relaxing bedroom routine can contribute to a … [Read more...]

Don’t let sleep happen, plan for it!

We’ve all heard it many times… sleep matters. If you want to be a sane, productive and healthy human, then you better get enough sleep. That doesn’t mean sleeping 5 hours Monday to Friday and then cramming in 12 hours on Saturday night plus 2 naps on Sunday afternoon (although the naps sound pretty sweet, they won’t really do you any good). Getting enough sleep is as important as committing to a healthy diet or workout plan. We count calories, use pedometers, track our running/biking mileage … [Read more...]

For the tired ladies…

If you're anything like me, your bedtime routine usually consists of these phrases: "I CAN'T TURN MY BRAIN OFF!" "I have to be up in 5 hours...4...3...etc." "So, tomorrow I need to get this done and then I have that one appointment..." Sadly, sleep loss among women is all too common. According to the Better Sleep Council (BSC), 68 percent of surveyed women get less than the recommended 7-8 hours of rest each and every night. Moreover, according to  the BSC, the top three factors that rob … [Read more...]

Sleeping like a baby

I'm having a baby...in t-minus 7(ish) weeks and counting. (EEEK!?) I thought at this stage that I'd be sleeping like a baby, but alas, my body is in full "mommy mode" and I'm waking up all hours of the night. Human nature, you are a wonderful and crappy thing. I appreciate you trying to get me ready for the baby, but let me have my sleep while I can. K, thanks. Anyway...it turns out I'm not the only one not sleeping like a baby these days. Read any media outlet out there and chances are … [Read more...]