Let’s talk turkey

Now normally the Better Sleep Council would tell you to "Stop Sleeping Around," HOWEVER, this week is the exception. When consuming massive amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and yams, only the strongest of men and women can fight the urge to snooze. Combine that with some great football games and being surrounded by loved ones, don't you just feel the relaxing vibe washing over you? Let me break it down for you. You + Thanksgiving feast + TV watching + tempting … [Read more...]

The Germans take waterbeds to a whole new level…

And now we bring you back to our regularly scheduled posting. (In case you missed last week's post, I had to go on a bit of a tirade thanks to some horrible calls from the NFL "referees." This week wasn't much better as far as fair calls go, but I digress...) So, last week I had planned on writing something about my favorite country, Germany, (since it was the official kick-off to Oktoberfest and all,) I thought it would be fitting to do a blog post somehow tied into the theme. And as if the … [Read more...]

The NFL made me do this…

Let's just say that I had a completely different blog post planned for this week, but thanks to the (insert several explicatives here) Seahawks-Packers game last night, I had to take a different route. I promise, this won't be a long tirade about how I hate the NFL right now and their referees (although I would like nothing more than to write a "Dear John" letter to the NFL and tell them, "it's not me, it's you. We're over.") But what would I do with my Sundays and Mondays? Touché, NFL, … [Read more...]

Football season and MLB playoffs are killing my sleep

In the words of the late, greats Eddie Pola and George Wyle, it’s the mooost wonderfulll tiiime…of the yeaaar. And no, I’m not talking about Christmas, that’s a whole other sleepless holiday that I have yet to get to. I’m talking about football and MLB playoff season! Now, I LOVE me some sports, especially football season. Even more specifically, all things Wisconsin. I’m a cheesehead, I know how to Bucky, and I always cheer for the Bratwurst in the sausage race. (If you’re from Wisconsin, … [Read more...]