5 Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Online Mattress Shopping Reviews

Consumers making a big purchase, such as a new mattress, invite feedback from family and friends, but just as often they turn to the advice of strangers — in online reviews. Four out of five Americans use online reviews to make first-time buys, and nearly nine out of 10 trust those reviews as much as personal recommendations. But according to the Better Sleep Council, mattress shoppers should be careful about basing their next mattress purchase on internet opinions. Before using online … [Read more...]

Guess what? We don’t NEED sleeping pills, says doctor

Remember last week when I talked about the scary study which found that nearly 9 million Americans use sleeping pills to fall asleep? Turns out there are others who agree that this statistic needs to change. Dr. Christopher Winter, M.D., the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center thinks that people need to stop turning to "quick fixes" like prescription sleep aides. "I think this study shows the unbelievable amount of lack of faith that people have when it … [Read more...]

Single men only wash their sheets HOW often!??

Ladies, prepare to get skeeved out. Like, heebie jeebies, instantly want a bath, skeeved out. (Don't say that I didn't warn you...) According to a recent survey, single British men only change their sheets FOUR TIMES A YEAR. Men ages 18-25 are the worst culprits, while those who claimed to wash their sheets once a week on average were predominantly aged between 35-50; 62 percent were female. (Seriously, I can't stop getting the heebie jeebies right now.) If you're like me, you're … [Read more...]

There’s an app for that

I know that last week I said that you should absolutely under no circumstances have ipads, laptops, or any sort of gadget in your room at night. Well, this week I'm sharing a bit of a loophole and contradiction to that. I know...the horror. I promise though, it has its benefits. As of late I've been sleeping pretty poorly, namely to my overactive brain. As exhausted as I am, just as I'm trying to fall asleep, something pops in my head that wakes me back up again. My bed is oh-so-comfy, … [Read more...]