Sweet Summer Slumber!

This week I'm lucky to have Better Sleep Council spokesperson and lifestyle and relationship expert Lissa Coffey join the fun and guest blog for me. If you haven't already liked her on Facebook, go ahead and do that now. I'll wait. It's too hot to do anything right now as it is, (it's 105 degrees outside as I write this,) so waiting is a-ok by me. Oh, and while you're at it, check out her latest video on mattress shopping too. ~KM  By Lissa Coffey Summer is that time of year when our … [Read more...]

Sleepy, weary, stressed

I think collectively, we can all say that our hearts hurt due to last week's tragedy. Bostonians were faced with a shocking and gut-wrenching situation--one that I cannot even fathom. It's no wonder that many people in Boston are left sleep-deprived due to the stress and anxiety that the bombings caused. Sleep specialists say insomnia and nightmares are completely normal in the first several days after such a traumatic event, and unfortunately, many people make problems worse by turning to … [Read more...]

There’s an app for that

I know that last week I said that you should absolutely under no circumstances have ipads, laptops, or any sort of gadget in your room at night. Well, this week I'm sharing a bit of a loophole and contradiction to that. I know...the horror. I promise though, it has its benefits. As of late I've been sleeping pretty poorly, namely to my overactive brain. As exhausted as I am, just as I'm trying to fall asleep, something pops in my head that wakes me back up again. My bed is oh-so-comfy, … [Read more...]

Can’t sleep? Don’t do this.

I always sigh and chuckle to myself when I read  my social media feeds in the morning and see all the "I can't sleeeeppp," posts from the middle of the night. I laugh, not because I'm some sick, sadistic person who gets pleasure out of my friend's insomnia. I smile only because it's ironic. Why, you ask? Logging on to your Facebook/Twitter/Vine/etc. pages is NOT going to help you sleep. In fact, it makes trying to fall back asleep even worse.  The light that emanates from your computer, … [Read more...]