Sleeping like a baby

I'm having a t-minus 7(ish) weeks and counting. (EEEK!?) I thought at this stage that I'd be sleeping like a baby, but alas, my body is in full "mommy mode" and I'm waking up all hours of the night. Human nature, you are a wonderful and crappy thing. I appreciate you trying to get me ready for the baby, but let me have my sleep while I can. K, thanks. turns out I'm not the only one not sleeping like a baby these days. Read any media outlet out there and chances are … [Read more...]

Fall into good sleep habits

This Sunday, September 22nd officially kicks off the first day of Fall. (Does anyone know where Summer went? I blinked and it's gone...) Just the thought of crisp, snuggly evenings, perfectly conducive for long, restful nights of sleep gets me super excited for the change of seasons. In celebration of cooler temps (so long, hot, humid nights!!) here are three ways to make this Autumn sleep-tastic. Keep it cool...but not too cool: Sing out and rejoice! No more air conditioning! Even if … [Read more...]

Guess what? We don’t NEED sleeping pills, says doctor

Remember last week when I talked about the scary study which found that nearly 9 million Americans use sleeping pills to fall asleep? Turns out there are others who agree that this statistic needs to change. Dr. Christopher Winter, M.D., the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center thinks that people need to stop turning to "quick fixes" like prescription sleep aides. "I think this study shows the unbelievable amount of lack of faith that people have when it … [Read more...]