Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Turns out that beans, more specifically, kidney bean leaves, really are magical. Well, unless you're a bedbug, then they're your worst enemy. The kidney bean leaves used to trap bedbugs hundreds of years ago in southeastern Europe may offer a model for a non-toxic, modern-day treatment, say U.S. researchers. "Plants exhibit extraordinary abilities to entrap insects," the study's lead author, Catherine Loudon, an entomologist at the University of California, Irvine, said in a university … [Read more...]

Dear husband…I’m saving your life, one snuggle at a time

This is an open letter to my husband, the non-snuggler. Today, I get to gloat a bit, and all in the name of science. Turns out, my snuggling habits may just very well be saving my hub's life. (YOU HEAR THAT, MR. M?) According to a recent study, couples may get health benefits simply from sleeping in the same bed. And guess what, hubs? Some scientists believe that sleeping with a partner may be a major reason why people with close relationships tend to be in better health and live longer. My … [Read more...]

Tweet your heart out, ladies and gentlemen! #ISPAEXPO

Have you ever seen one of these before at a trade show or event? If you haven't, allow us to introduce you to one another. Digital wall, this is (insert your name here.) (Insert your name here,) this is the Digital Wall.There--now that we have the niceties down, let's get down to the fun part of what the world of social media and this digital wall will have to offer at the upcoming ISPA EXPO 2012, shall we? Social media is one of the most efficient ways to reach your audience on a … [Read more...]

Home, sweet bed

One of the last things I do before leaving for vacation is put clean sheets on my bed.  As I pulled the up the duvet and fluffed my favorite pillow, I said to my bed, “I am going to miss you, dear friend.”  Exactly 22 hours later, I fell exhausted into my first of three Finnish beds to catch some overdue zzzzz’s.  As I crash-landed onto the pillow I thought, hey, where’s my top sheet and I wonder who makes this bed?! (This is what happens when you start to work for the … [Read more...]