Single men only wash their sheets HOW often!??

Ladies, prepare to get skeeved out. Like, heebie jeebies, instantly want a bath, skeeved out. (Don't say that I didn't warn you...) According to a recent survey, single British men only change their sheets FOUR TIMES A YEAR. Men ages 18-25 are the worst culprits, while those who claimed to wash their sheets once a week on average were predominantly aged between 35-50; 62 percent were female. (Seriously, I can't stop getting the heebie jeebies right now.) If you're like me, you're … [Read more...]

There’s an app for that

I know that last week I said that you should absolutely under no circumstances have ipads, laptops, or any sort of gadget in your room at night. Well, this week I'm sharing a bit of a loophole and contradiction to that. I know...the horror. I promise though, it has its benefits. As of late I've been sleeping pretty poorly, namely to my overactive brain. As exhausted as I am, just as I'm trying to fall asleep, something pops in my head that wakes me back up again. My bed is oh-so-comfy, … [Read more...]