Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Turns out that beans, more specifically, kidney bean leaves, really are magical. Well, unless you're a bedbug, then they're your worst enemy. The kidney bean leaves used to trap bedbugs hundreds of years ago in southeastern Europe may offer a model for a non-toxic, modern-day treatment, say U.S. researchers. "Plants exhibit extraordinary abilities to entrap insects," the study's lead author, Catherine Loudon, an entomologist at the University of California, Irvine, said in a university … [Read more...]

Bedbugs hate hairy folks

Hairy people of the world, rejoice! Before you make those laser hair removal appointments or break out the wax, listen to this--there's a natural benefit to being furry! According to a recent study conducted by the University of Sheffield, bed bugs don't like hairy people. (See? We told you there's a benefit!) The British researchers found that hairier humans may have an easier time fending off bedbugs compared to their "fur-less" peers. In the new … [Read more...]

Bloodsuckers discovered at UN — and it’s not just the diplomats!

 Bedbugs have been spotted at the United Nations in New York!  We can officially say they're trying to take over the world!!!  But will a UN resolution to eliminate bedbugs be as ineffective as its other resolutions?  Or are sanctions against the little vampires in order?  I for one feel an immediate embargo against trading my blood with any bedbugs is a must! These critters are continuing to invade new spaces, like movie theaters, department stores, libraries, … [Read more...]