Are you in an emotionally dependent relationship with your bed?

Anyone that knows me knows that when it comes to the battle between my bed and the alarm clock, my bed always wins. My husband has gone so far to nickname me "the sloth," because I: A. Love being snuggled up in bed being lazy B. Getting me out of bed is a long, drawn out ordeal. Moral of the story, I love sleep and I love, love, love my bed. (Is it time to go home yet?) Seems as though I'm not the only one in what's most likely an obsessive relationship with their bed. Buzzfeed just came … [Read more...]

I just flew back from Paris, and boy my arms are tired…

In all seriousness, I really did just get back from Paris for a mini-getaway with Mr. M., and my arms aren't tired, but man-oh-man am I all-over tired. Transatlantic flights do not make for great sleep...especially when you're 5'11" or taller. That, combined with time changes and all, the flights to and from Paris meant no sleep for me or the mister. C'est la vie. Turns out though for those who are actually able to get comfortable on a transatlantic flight and can't sleep due to the time … [Read more...]

The NFL made me do this…

Let's just say that I had a completely different blog post planned for this week, but thanks to the (insert several explicatives here) Seahawks-Packers game last night, I had to take a different route. I promise, this won't be a long tirade about how I hate the NFL right now and their referees (although I would like nothing more than to write a "Dear John" letter to the NFL and tell them, "it's not me, it's you. We're over.") But what would I do with my Sundays and Mondays? Touché, NFL, … [Read more...]

Sleeping through the heat

Let me preface this post by saying last week was miserably hot. Like, "who turned the thermostat to hell?" hot. (As if you didn't already know that. Half the country was 100+ degrees.) I don't sweat, I prefer the term "glowing" Anyway, Thursday, after a few days of 100+ degree temps outside, our air conditioner finally was like, "yeah, I've had enough of this heat too," and croaked. It was fixed on Friday when a technician said he'd be there by 3:30pm (read: 7:30pm,) onnnnly to have it go … [Read more...]