Sleepy, weary, stressed

I think collectively, we can all say that our hearts hurt due to last week's tragedy. Bostonians were faced with a shocking and gut-wrenching situation--one that I cannot even fathom. It's no wonder that many people in Boston are left sleep-deprived due to the stress and anxiety that the bombings caused. Sleep specialists say insomnia and nightmares are completely normal in the first several days after such a traumatic event, and unfortunately, many people make problems worse by turning to … [Read more...]

The NFL made me do this…

Let's just say that I had a completely different blog post planned for this week, but thanks to the (insert several explicatives here) Seahawks-Packers game last night, I had to take a different route. I promise, this won't be a long tirade about how I hate the NFL right now and their referees (although I would like nothing more than to write a "Dear John" letter to the NFL and tell them, "it's not me, it's you. We're over.") But what would I do with my Sundays and Mondays? Touché, NFL, … [Read more...]