Better sleep through wearable tech

Blogger:  Barbara Nelles. If you're interested in improving your sleep and health, you can stop your tossing and turning right now. Coming soon, there will be many new assistive gadgets at your fingertips—or on your wrist. This week the Mobile World Congress Feb. 24-27 wraps up in Barcelona, Spain, and product news from the show is everywhere on tech sites and in mainstream media. Among the coolest show introductions are the latest wearable tech devices, especially “health wearables” like … [Read more...]

Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Turns out that beans, more specifically, kidney bean leaves, really are magical. Well, unless you're a bedbug, then they're your worst enemy. The kidney bean leaves used to trap bedbugs hundreds of years ago in southeastern Europe may offer a model for a non-toxic, modern-day treatment, say U.S. researchers. "Plants exhibit extraordinary abilities to entrap insects," the study's lead author, Catherine Loudon, an entomologist at the University of California, Irvine, said in a university … [Read more...]

There’s an app for that

I know that last week I said that you should absolutely under no circumstances have ipads, laptops, or any sort of gadget in your room at night. Well, this week I'm sharing a bit of a loophole and contradiction to that. I know...the horror. I promise though, it has its benefits. As of late I've been sleeping pretty poorly, namely to my overactive brain. As exhausted as I am, just as I'm trying to fall asleep, something pops in my head that wakes me back up again. My bed is oh-so-comfy, … [Read more...]

Can’t sleep? Don’t do this.

I always sigh and chuckle to myself when I read  my social media feeds in the morning and see all the "I can't sleeeeppp," posts from the middle of the night. I laugh, not because I'm some sick, sadistic person who gets pleasure out of my friend's insomnia. I smile only because it's ironic. Why, you ask? Logging on to your Facebook/Twitter/Vine/etc. pages is NOT going to help you sleep. In fact, it makes trying to fall back asleep even worse.  The light that emanates from your computer, … [Read more...]