Summer Vacations and Sleep!

Blogger:  Mary Helen Uusimaki. Why is it that you feel so refreshed after a great vacation – whether it’s a week at the beach or just a 3 day out-of-town adventure? It may be because you slept like a champ! Why did you sleep so well? It could be because you are experiencing a change in environment. All of the little things that creep into your mind at night and keep you awake are on vacation too. You are able to switch it off and simply relax. The first step to a sleep filled vacation is … [Read more...]

Social media rules: 101

Social media, love it or hate it,  it's a cost effective means of communicating your messages and building relationships. According to the July/August issue of Sleep Savvy Magazine, Technology Forecaster Daniel Burrus says it's important to determine why your company is using social media--is it to improve customer service or to talk about the company's charitable efforts? Then, create a clear-cut list of social media guidelines for your blogging and tweeting … [Read more...]