A Healthy Sleep Lifestyle Begins in Childhood

In recent years, researchers have confirmed the importance of sleep in a child’s growth and development. Not only do children need more sleep than adults, but we now know that ensuring sleep in childhood can have lifetime benefits. Although the critical importance of sleep for children may seem obvious, many of our children fail to get the sleep they need for optimal physical and psychological development and functioning. Children’s sleep health has become a new priority in prevention and … [Read more...]

5 Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Online Mattress Shopping Reviews

Consumers making a big purchase, such as a new mattress, invite feedback from family and friends, but just as often they turn to the advice of strangers — in online reviews. Four out of five Americans use online reviews to make first-time buys, and nearly nine out of 10 trust those reviews as much as personal recommendations. But according to the Better Sleep Council, mattress shoppers should be careful about basing their next mattress purchase on internet opinions. Before using online … [Read more...]

Do we really need to get paid to get enough sleep?

Wait? The insurance giant Aetna is now offering employees CASH incentives to get their required sleep? True! I read that their employees can qualify for $25/night if they can show that they have slept seven hours or more for 20 nights. For many of us, that’s no easy task but clearly – it should be a priority! Aetna employees can earn $300 over the year for doing what we all should be – making sleep a PRIORITY!  Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini was quoted saying that “Creating a culture that … [Read more...]

Good Reasons to Make Great Sleep Your Priority in 2016

Good Reasons to Make Great Sleep Your Priority in 2016 There’s a lot of health and wellness advice going around now that the new year is finally here. This article in the Huffington Post about making sleep a priority caught my eye. But this morning on my commute to work, I heard a story on my radio about sleep - specifically sleep and aging - that really got me thinking much more seriously about the quality of my sleep.  I must admit that in my continuing efforts to forestall the inevitable … [Read more...]