Sleeping (hopefully) on a jet plane

Blogger: Deb Chapman  In two weeks I’ll be heading off on a vacation in Ireland. I love planning travel so I’ve done all my research on TripAdvisor, booked a number of wonderful bed & breakfasts for our stay, rented a (tiny) car and mapped out our itinerary. One problem I’m still wrestling with is how to get some sleep on an overnight, transatlantic flight. I’m not the greatest sleeper anyway and I really want to arrive ready to tackle my other big worry… which is how to drive on the … [Read more...]

I Want My Bed Back!

Blogger: Mary Helen Uusimaki. At 6:30am my cell phone broke the silence of the quiet morning with its daily wake-up call… Hey Soul Sister. I roused but the sound, it seemed to be coming from far away. I reached over to hit snooze only to discover that there was no phone buzzing on the nightstand, rather I was face to face with Stuart! YIKES, what is going on here? Then it all came back to me as I sat up, cracking my head so hard that I saw stars. I was on the bottom bunk of my son’s bed, … [Read more...]

WANTED: Sleep. If found, please return ASAP!

Blogger: Karin Mahoney. I'm baa-aack! Sort of. Truth be told, I'm not sure if I'm here or there, what day it is or if I'm wearing clean clothes. Speaking of which, when did I last wash my hair? Becoming a Mom has been the BEST gig ever. Sure, the hours are crazy long, the boss can be temperamental at times, and the night time hours required are less than desirable. Oh god, the night time hours... I knew going into this new role that sleep would go by the wayside. It's science. Babies = … [Read more...]

What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Blogger Lissa Coffey.   Ah, Valentine’s Day! Just the thought brings to mind huge heart-shaped boxes of candy, red roses, and romance! Or does it?  For some the anticipation of this holiday comes with a lot of stress and pressure.  When you’re supposed to feel butterflies you instead feel a sense of doom.  How can you possibly live up to the hype? I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Women really do love being swept off their feet and carried to bed.  But then they really love to … [Read more...]