Change is Good!

We know you've missed us since January, and we're sorry--but don't be too upset, we're still continuing to help consumers start every day with a good night’s sleep, just not here--we've moved! The Better Sleep Council Blog, serves as a resource to educate and enlighten consumers about sleep, the sleep environment and the value of a good mattress – with engaging posts filled with everything from light-hearted looks at the challenges of sleeping with a partner who snores (or tosses and turns!), … [Read more...]

Everything You Never Knew That You Never Knew About SLEEP!

Sleep. It’s something we all do, an important part of our lives from the very beginning, and every single day. We might think we know about sleep, because we have gotten very good at it over the years, but here are a few facts about sleep that may surprise you. Take note, this information may come in handy if you’re ever a contestant on Jeopardy! The word “sleep” comes from the Proto-European base word “sleb” meaning “to be weak.” Most of what we know about sleep science has come about … [Read more...]

How to survive life on the road

Blogger: Jane Kitchen Many people these days find themselves spending the night in unfamiliar territory throughout the year as they travel for business, often to other time zones or even other countries. But the combination of new surroundings, time changes, work pressures, alcohol intake, and potentially loud neighbors (especially if, like me, you often travel to places like Las Vegas) make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep -- often when you need it most. The point of business travel, … [Read more...]

Counting Sheep In Ireland

Blogger Deb Chapman If you follow this blog, you know that I was looking forward to a trip to Ireland. As most vacations do, it went by far too quickly.   I also mentioned the various methods I planned to hopefully sleep during the overnight transatlantic flight. Unfortunately, none of them worked and we landed at 5 AM local time without a wink of sleep. Our itinerary involved renting a car at Dublin Airport and driving two hours to spend the night at our first stop, Kilkenny.  We had a … [Read more...]