5 Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Online Mattress Shopping Reviews

Consumers making a big purchase, such as a new mattress, invite feedback from family and friends, but just as often they turn to the advice of strangers — in online reviews. Four out of five Americans use online reviews to make first-time buys, and nearly nine out of 10 trust those reviews as much as personal recommendations. But according to the Better Sleep Council, mattress shoppers should be careful about basing their next mattress purchase on internet opinions. Before using online … [Read more...]

Finding Sleep When You’re Female Pt. 2

Stress Stress, even more than hormones, is a significant cause of sleeplessness. According to the American Psychological Association women are more likely than men (28 percent vs. 20 percent) to suffer from a great deal of stress. The source of stress ranges from family, career, money or relationship issues. Stress can bring with it headaches, depression, anger, irritability and/or indigestion – all of which exacerbate sleep problems. What to do? *Mindfulness practices such as … [Read more...]

Finding Sleep When You’re Female pt. 1

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. The numbers are astounding – more than 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of a sleep disorder, including insomnia. That’s a lot of people yawning through their day! With our hectic lifestyles, it’s not too much of a surprise. But did you know that women are twice as likely as men to have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this interesting phenomenon. Pregnancy and Breast-feeding. During … [Read more...]

Ways to Ensure a Sleep-Healthy Family continued…

As a continued piece from the previous article, these are more practices that your family can adopt. Encourage every family member to practice good sleep hygiene. Research has demonstrated that good sleep hygiene practices are associated with better sleep in all age ranges. Ensure all family members have an established, consistent, and reproducible bedtime routine to unwind and help transition the mind and body from wake to sleep. Bedtime routines should not be rushed or stressful—expect … [Read more...]