Ways to Ensure a Sleep-Healthy Family continued…

As a continued piece from the previous article, these are more practices that your family can adopt. Encourage every family member to practice good sleep hygiene. Research has demonstrated that good sleep hygiene practices are associated with better sleep in all age ranges. Ensure all family members have an established, consistent, and reproducible bedtime routine to unwind and help transition the mind and body from wake to sleep. Bedtime routines should not be rushed or stressful—expect … [Read more...]

Ways to Ensure a Sleep-Healthy Family

  What is essential for a healthy, happy family? Sleep. Sufficient sleep is critical for every  family member regardless of age. A family member’s individual sleep truly impacts the family unit. When one family member  can’t sleep, the sleep and subsequently daytime functioning of other family members is  affected. Likewise, one or more family members with good sleep habits can have a positive  impact on other family members. Here are the first six things you can do to help ensure a … [Read more...]

It’s Baaack—Daylight-Saving Time Is Quickly Approaching

It’s that time of year again. Come the second Sunday morning in March—March 13 at 2:00 a.m., to be exact—it will be time to set our clocks ahead an hour. This makes the sunrise and sunset one hour later. And for many of us, adjusting to that one hour of time change is easier said than done. Though urban legend has it that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of Daylight Saving Time, it wasn’t until 1966 that Congress officially passed the Uniform Time Act. This means that with the … [Read more...]

Sleep, Baby, Sleep…

I’ve got babies on the mind.  No, it’ not because there are any in MY future, mind you.  My “baby” is now 31!  It’s mainly because there have been two new recent additions in my family circle. My nephew and his wife recently adopted a baby and another member of my extended family just became a mom. Of course, thinking about babies naturally leads to thinking about sleep (or lack thereof).  I’m sure neither of the afore-mentioned  parents  are getting much right now. But the topic here is … [Read more...]