Sleeping Through the Ages–Overcoming Sleep Challenges at Every Age

As human-beings we all need sleep. Just as every living animal does. But the amount of sleep we need, and the challenges that prevent us from getting the sleep we need, changes as we age. Let’s start at the very beginning; newborns sleep from 16 to 20 hours a day. Of course, not all of the hours a baby sleeps are in a row – as new parents know very well! It can be challenging to get your little one into a sleep routine so that they sleep through the night, and their parents can, too. After 4 … [Read more...]

10 Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Sleep

Although the critical importance and the need for sleep in children may seem obvious, many of our children fail to get the sleep they need for optimal physical and psychological development and functioning. Not only do children generally need more sleep than adults, but we are learning that the development of good sleep habits ensuring sufficient sleep in childhood can have lifetime benefits. The Many Advantages of Sufficient Sleep Sleep is vital to growth and development; it impacts … [Read more...]

Sleeping Easy Before School Starts

It's that time again! School supplies and backpacks are on sale and every store is selling the latest brands of clothing and shoes, but is your child actually ready for school now? One of the most important things your child will need to prepare for the upcoming school year is, REST. After revisiting a blog post from Lissa Coffey on back-to-school sleep tips, I've realized that school aged children need 10-11 hours of sleep each night--which seems right, just way more sleep than I realized, … [Read more...]

Ways to Ensure a Sleep-Healthy Family continued…

As a continued piece from the previous article, these are more practices that your family can adopt. Encourage every family member to practice good sleep hygiene. Research has demonstrated that good sleep hygiene practices are associated with better sleep in all age ranges. Ensure all family members have an established, consistent, and reproducible bedtime routine to unwind and help transition the mind and body from wake to sleep. Bedtime routines should not be rushed or stressful—expect … [Read more...]