10 Ways to Make Time for Sleep & Why it Matters

A woman once asked me if I think the recommendations for appropriate sleep durations of 7–9 hours of sleep are totally unrealistic (with much emphasis on the word totally). I explained how very few people are truly “short sleepers” —about 3% of the population by some estimates. Many are short-sleeper wannabes, trying to function on less than they need—which usually does not yield good results. The woman insisted, “no one I know can afford to spend that much time sleeping.” My response was that … [Read more...]

10 Plants to Have When Trying to Get Zzz’s

Most of us know that in order to perform at our best every day, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All that that lifestyle entails will vary with each person, but what we do know to be true in all cases, is that a balanced diet and regular sleep routine is key! It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that a regular sleep routine is way easier for some than others because of our hectic schedules, however, if you really want to achieve better sleep and you're unsure of where to … [Read more...]

6 Super Summer Sleep Tips

One of the best parts about summer for most of us is the anticipation of some time away from the normal routine. Whether that is a trip to Grandma’s a few blocks away, a week or two of summer camp, a day at the beach, a European getaway, or a staycation with the inflatable pool in the back yard, to make the most of your summer, it’s important to make the most of your summer sleep. Here are some tips to do just that. Tip #1: Don’t Skimp on Summer Sleep Inevitably, there will be long days, … [Read more...]

Sleep Strategies to Start Every Day with a Good Night’s Sleep

As we close out May is Better Sleep Month, Terry Cralle gives us 32 sleep strategies that will help us all Start Every Day with a Good Night’s Sleep all year long. Visit BetterSleep.org for more tips and information on how you can sleep well and be well! 1. Prioritize and safeguard your sleep 2. Manage sleep just as you manage diet and exercise 3. Be protective of your sleep needs 4. Schedule adequate sleep time 5. Prioritize daily tasks, delegate and avoid … [Read more...]