Be Grateful and Be Well!

You may think it’s already December if you have spent any time outside of your house, been online or watched television! The retail push for Christmas is in full swing and radio stations are already playing “Jingle Bell Rock”. While shopping at Build-a-Bear with the kids and my mom on November 14th, we found ourselves, unintentionally, at the National Harbor during its Christmas Tree lighting. It was a nice event but really -- it was only NOVEMBER 14th! While there, we also saw families bringing … [Read more...]

Chocolate Can Help Me Sleep? SWEET!!!

Blogger:  Deb Chapman Some of my close friends can attest to the fact that I have recently embarked on a quest to eat more healthfully.  I’ve given up red meat…(although I can’t deny that sometimes the smell of cooked burgers wafting out the door when I pass a Five Guys makes  my mouth water.)  I’ve been eating lots of dark, leafy green veggies and I even went out and bought a Nutribullet to make  “life-boosting nutrient extraction recipes”.   I’ve taken these steps as I hope to live a longer, … [Read more...]

Free Pass

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, hands down. For me, Thanksgiving represents the very best parts of the holiday season without the pressure or expense of gift giving! There are thousands of articles about Thanksgiving, holiday stress, over-eating, weight gain, and last minute travel tips. I am telling you to ignore them and let yourself indulge. You can run on Monday, go to the gym on Tuesday, and eat salad on Wednesday.  Traffic might be bad, but you'll get there, eventually. Pack snacks … [Read more...]

Tired teens tend to eat unhealthy

I'm trying to think back when I was a teenager and what I ate. Can you remember what you ate? All I know is that, while I tried to eat healthy since I played sports, I was a carbohydrate fiend. Bagels, chips and pretzels, you name it, it went in my belly. Don't even get me started on the snack machines that were in the common area in my high school... Chances are that I'm not the only other teen who stuffed their faces with less-than-healthy choices, but there's a good chance that some of … [Read more...]