Kitchen Cures for Sleeplessness

When it’s late at night and you just can’t get to sleep what do you do? Well, many of us head for the kitchen, open the cupboard, and try to remember what Grandma would have advised us to do. Thankfully, Grandmothers everywhere have passed down recipes for drinks that can help us to settle into slumber. Note the ingredients so that you can have them on hand the next time you’re trolling the pantry at midnight! One drink you definitely want to avoid is alcohol. While it is true that alcohol … [Read more...]

Someone let me know when working out becomes as awesome as sleep…

Blogger:  Karin Mahoney As I sit here, writing this blog, there are two voices in my head distinctly saying, "OMG, I'm so freaking tired..." (thanks, J, for thinking that 6:30 am is a great wake up time this week,) and "OMG, I seriously need to work out." I really need a find a way to shut myself up. I can be SO annoying. I remember years ago when the Better Sleep Council did a study with Dr. Jacobson on the effects of sleep and physical activity. It seemed like a no-brainer at the … [Read more...]

The Sweet Sleep Diet-Great snack ideas before bed!

Blogger: Lissa Coffey Is your New Year’s resolution to get a better night’s sleep every night this year? Terrific! There are lots of things you can do, including creating a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom, and replacing your old mattress. But have you thought about going on a diet? In my last post we looked at some of the foods to avoid in order to get the sleep you need.  This time around, I’ve got a list of foods to favor; foods that can actually help you sleep soundly!  VIDEO:  The … [Read more...]

The Sweet Sleep Diet-What not to eat before bed!

Blogger: Lissa Coffey The most popular New Year’s Resolution always seems to be to “go on a diet.” Most of the time when we think of a diet, we think of the foods we might eat, or not eat, that will help us to lose weight. But there are all kinds of diets. A diet is made up of the food we consume, and we can go on a particular diet for many reasons. The best reason to go on a diet is to improve our health.  And what better way is there to improve our health than to improve our … [Read more...]