Someone let me know when working out becomes as awesome as sleep…

Blogger:  Karin Mahoney As I sit here, writing this blog, there are two voices in my head distinctly saying, "OMG, I'm so freaking tired..." (thanks, J, for thinking that 6:30 am is a great wake up time this week,) and "OMG, I seriously need to work out." I really need a find a way to shut myself up. I can be SO annoying. I remember years ago when the Better Sleep Council did a study with Dr. Jacobson on the effects of sleep and physical activity. It seemed like a no-brainer at the … [Read more...]

Be Grateful and Be Well!

You may think it’s already December if you have spent any time outside of your house, been online or watched television! The retail push for Christmas is in full swing and radio stations are already playing “Jingle Bell Rock”. While shopping at Build-a-Bear with the kids and my mom on November 14th, we found ourselves, unintentionally, at the National Harbor during its Christmas Tree lighting. It was a nice event but really -- it was only NOVEMBER 14th! While there, we also saw families bringing … [Read more...]

Summer Vacations and Sleep!

Blogger:  Mary Helen Uusimaki. Why is it that you feel so refreshed after a great vacation – whether it’s a week at the beach or just a 3 day out-of-town adventure? It may be because you slept like a champ! Why did you sleep so well? It could be because you are experiencing a change in environment. All of the little things that creep into your mind at night and keep you awake are on vacation too. You are able to switch it off and simply relax. The first step to a sleep filled vacation is … [Read more...]

I Want My Bed Back!

Blogger: Mary Helen Uusimaki. At 6:30am my cell phone broke the silence of the quiet morning with its daily wake-up call… Hey Soul Sister. I roused but the sound, it seemed to be coming from far away. I reached over to hit snooze only to discover that there was no phone buzzing on the nightstand, rather I was face to face with Stuart! YIKES, what is going on here? Then it all came back to me as I sat up, cracking my head so hard that I saw stars. I was on the bottom bunk of my son’s bed, … [Read more...]