5 Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Online Mattress Shopping Reviews

Consumers making a big purchase, such as a new mattress, invite feedback from family and friends, but just as often they turn to the advice of strangers — in online reviews. Four out of five Americans use online reviews to make first-time buys, and nearly nine out of 10 trust those reviews as much as personal recommendations. But according to the Better Sleep Council, mattress shoppers should be careful about basing their next mattress purchase on internet opinions. Before using online … [Read more...]

Who gets sick in the summer?

Last Tuesday the high was 92 degrees outside. Inside it wasn’t much better. I broke out with a summer fever and hit the 101 degree mark. First – who the heck gets sick in the summer??? Me, I guess that’s who. Second – I felt too crappy to go to the Rite-Aid that is .2 miles from my house. So I did want any civilized human would do, I gulped down some Children’s Motrin since I had no “grown up” meds in the house , put on my favorite PJs and crawled into bed. And bed is where I stayed – for the … [Read more...]

World Sleep Day – this Friday!

At the Better Sleep Council we work hard to help consumers understand the importance of sleep and the role that their sleep surface and sleep sanctuary play in getting those precious zzz’s. This past weekend we all took a “spring forward” and lost an hour of sleep. I don’t know about you, but the dark morning and stolen hour took its toll on me! Who knew 60 little minutes would make such a difference! There are so many great organizations out there talking "sleep" and helping to raise … [Read more...]

The Well-Appointed Guest Room

Blogger: Deb Chapman It’s that time of year again -- when many of us either visit friends or relatives or we welcome out-of-town overnight guests into our own home. For the past few days I’ve been lucky enough to be visiting one of my very best friends who recently moved to the west coast of Florida.  She has a lovely new home (with a pool) but most importantly, she has a very comfortable guest room, including, the added bonus, a fairly new mattress! She and her husband are empty-nesters … [Read more...]