25 Numbers That Will Convince You to Prioritize Sleep

Even when it comes to sleep, the numbers don’t lie. Sleep is so critically important to our health and well-being that it behooves us to learn about sleep, consistently get the sleep we need, protect the sleep of others, and help spread the word on the benefits of sufficient sleep. Sleep affects all of us in so many ways: our health, our work, our safety, our education, our achievements and our successes —even our collective quality of life. And with the proliferation of sleep research … [Read more...]

Tips for Creating a Sleep-Friendly Dorm Room

While college life can be a wonderful and exciting new adventure, it does come with its share of challenges. Academic, financial, personal, and social stressors on top of a new environment and a hectic schedule mandate students’ vigilance in putting their physical and emotional health first and foremost. Why is sleep so important to a college student? Unfortunately, irregular sleep schedules can lead to inadequate sleep and daytime sleepiness, which plague many college students and put … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Time for Sleep & Why it Matters

A woman once asked me if I think the recommendations for appropriate sleep durations of 7–9 hours of sleep are totally unrealistic (with much emphasis on the word totally). I explained how very few people are truly “short sleepers” —about 3% of the population by some estimates. Many are short-sleeper wannabes, trying to function on less than they need—which usually does not yield good results. The woman insisted, “no one I know can afford to spend that much time sleeping.” My response was that … [Read more...]

10 Plants to Have When Trying to Get Zzz’s

Most of us know that in order to perform at our best every day, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All that that lifestyle entails will vary with each person, but what we do know to be true in all cases, is that a balanced diet and regular sleep routine is key! It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that a regular sleep routine is way easier for some than others because of our hectic schedules, however, if you really want to achieve better sleep and you're unsure of where to … [Read more...]