Do we really need to get paid to get enough sleep?

Wait? The insurance giant Aetna is now offering employees CASH incentives to get their required sleep? True! I read that their employees can qualify for $25/night if they can show that they have slept seven hours or more for 20 nights. For many of us, that’s no easy task but clearly – it should be a priority! Aetna employees can earn $300 over the year for doing what we all should be – making sleep a PRIORITY!  Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini was quoted saying that “Creating a culture that … [Read more...]

Good Reasons to Make Great Sleep Your Priority in 2016

Good Reasons to Make Great Sleep Your Priority in 2016 There’s a lot of health and wellness advice going around now that the new year is finally here. This article in the Huffington Post about making sleep a priority caught my eye. But this morning on my commute to work, I heard a story on my radio about sleep - specifically sleep and aging - that really got me thinking much more seriously about the quality of my sleep.  I must admit that in my continuing efforts to forestall the inevitable … [Read more...]

Color Me…Calm

I’m always looking for new ways to relax and relieve stress, which in turn nearly always improves the quality of my sleep. And there’s a delightful, new (and also retro) way to unwind. Coloring books for adults! You heard right. In fact, I received a few books and a set of 50 colored pencils for Mother’s Day. See the picture of the very beginning of my first project above! Oh, I know what you’re thinking…I was a bit skeptical too.   However, this is a trend that has been getting a lot of … [Read more...]

Dear Grandma: You REALLY need to replace your mattress!

We’re going to visit my mother-in-law next weekend. She’s 87 and has lived in her home for more than 60 years. I really do enjoy visiting her… she’s a lovely person. However, my husband and I do have one big issue– and it’s this – all the mattresses in her house are …get ready …DECADES OLD! I know this for a fact because I’ve been married decades now (gulp) and I don’t ever remember her replacing ANY of them. She comes from a generation that hangs on to just about everything. She still has … [Read more...]