10 Plants to Have When Trying to Get Zzz’s

Most of us know that in order to perform at our best every day, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All that that lifestyle entails will vary with each person, but what we do know to be true in all cases, is that a balanced diet and regular sleep routine is key!

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that a regular sleep routine is way easier for some than others because of our hectic schedules, however, if you really want to achieve better sleep and you’re unsure of where to begin–a plant may be a great start.

Plants are used for food, decoration, oxygen and even many health benefits–but best of all–they’re a few that help you sleep! Take a look at this infographic from flowercard.co.uk that tells all you need to know in finding a plant to help you get some zzz’s.


Blogger: Jasmine Wood    @JasmineSleeps



  1. I miss the plants in the bedroom

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