Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Tranquility

Your bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home.  It is your sanctuary. This is often a creative space where you can express your own unique style.  Designing your bedroom can be fun and enticing. However, did you know that the interior design of your bedroom can be the reason you are not getting adequate sleep each night?  Interestingly enough, your bedroom décor plays a vital role in your sleep hygiene. While you may want to paint your walls bright yellow to show off your bubbly personality or buy a crazy patterned bedspread, you may want to think twice. You must consider the environment around you if you want to experience the best sleep every night. Having a tranquil bedroom is an effective way for getting an adequate amount of shut eye.

Here are 8 design tips for transforming your bedroom into perpetual serenity for your best night’s sleep:

  1.       Choose Neutral Colors

Whether you are repainting your bedroom or picking out a color for this first time, try to stick with neutral colors. Choosing colors that are too bright or colorful may have a negative effect on your sleep. Neutral colors tend to keep you feeling relaxed and create a more peaceful environment. This color palate will keep your bedroom feeling cozy and quiet, which is ideal for sleeping. To incorporate color, pick out throw pillows, lamp shades, or wall décor for accents. You can still choose a color with subdued or lighter shades of blue, green, yellow, or pink.

  1.       De-clutter

Clutter and mess are said to cause anxiety which in turn is a cause of insomnia. Therefore, having an organized bedroom is essential when creating a tranquil sleep environment. Imagine walking into your bedroom at night and seeing dirty clothes and shoes scattered across the floor.  Then you climb into your unkempt bed, turn the lights off and try to go to sleep.  Are you laying there restless and can’t shut down?  Although it is dark and you can’t see it, you know the mess is there.  Clean up your space by throwing dirty laundry in a hamper and placing shoes on a shoe rack.  Always make your bed in the morning no matter what.

  1.       Lighting

A serene bedroom can be created by simply lighting a few rope lights or placing candles on your nightstand table or dresser.  Instead of turning on your ceiling lights at nighttime, dimmer lights will help bring you into a state of serenity. A bedside lamp is another good option. It is a noteworthy idea to invest in blackout curtains or thick shades to keep unwanted light out as well. Due to the technological advancements in today’s society, we are constantly glued to our phones, laptops, or televisions all day.  Keeping these bright screens out of the bedroom is one of the many important techniques to falling asleep faster.

  1.       Fresh Scents

There is something calm and soothing when falling asleep at night with fresh scents. Change your sheets once a week and add a fabric softener for ultra-comfort and a clean smell. Spray a few spritz of lavender on your pillow too at night.  Doing so will enhance your bedroom and appease your mind for a better night of rest.  Breathing in nice scents is the perfect finishing touch for a still sleep environment.

  1.       Choose the Right Temperature

In order to feel comfortable and maintain a tranquil sleep, you need to set your bedroom thermostat to the right temperature.  Typically this should be between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your own personal preference.  Installing a ceiling fan is an easy solution for achieving this optimal temperature.  Climate control curtains are another option.  These will help keep your room warm in the winter, preventing frigid air to come in and cool in the summer, keeping heat out.

  1.       Choose Comfort

The most important piece of furniture to consider when furnishing your bedroom is the bed.  Although there are numerous factors contributing to getting a good night’s sleep, they are useless without a good mattress.  When selecting a mattress, you must decide which style is best for you.  Perhaps you prefer a firm mattress or maybe you’d rather it be soft.  Knowing which style you feel most comfortable on will prevent a lot of sleepless nights.  Once you determine which level of firmness you desire, it is now time to decide the size.  Of course, the dimensions of your bedroom may deter you from buying a king size mattress. However, if you are 6’2 and 200 pounds, you most likely will not be comfortable with a twin size mattress.  Don’t forget to purchase good quality pillows as well.  Having the right pillow will provide optimal comfort to help you get the sleep you need each night.

  1.       Keep Decorations Simple

Simplicity is the key to preparing the ultimate sleeping sanctuary no matter what your personal style may be.  Stick with your staple bedroom pieces including a bed with bed frame, dresser, nightstand table, and trunk or desk.  Then spruce up your mattress with clean linens, a fluffy comforter and a few decorative throw pillows and a throw blanket. A bed skirt makes a perfect finishing touch to your bed. Remember the neutral color palate here.  If you have hardwood flooring in your bedroom, add a soft patterned area rug.  As for extra décor, never underestimate the power of a beautiful lamp shade or bottom.  When it comes to hanging pictures, choose a rustic or classic frame and try not to go overboard.  Keeping wall décor to a minimum will help you maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

  1.       Rethink Your Nightstand

The last thing to consider when creating your dream bedroom is what is next to your bed.  Your nightstand table is an important part of transforming your tranquil sleep environment.  For your nightstand, keep decoration to a minimal.  A simple table to hold a bedside lamp, your favorite book, and a plant or picture frame is all you truly need next to you at night.  Having a drawer is also a good option to hold glasses, pens, or journals.  You may also want to have close to you any religious or meaningful items that are symbolic to you.  Having these items close will help you feel more relaxed and calm at night.


Blogger: Aaron Stevenson        @Snooze_EZ



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