Sleep Strategies to Start Every Day with a Good Night’s Sleep

As we close out May is Better Sleep Month, Terry Cralle gives us 32 sleep strategies that will help us all Start Every Day with a Good Night’s Sleep all year long. Visit for more tips and information on how you can sleep well and be well!

1. Prioritize and safeguard your sleep
2. Manage sleep just as you manage diet and exercise
3. Be protective of your sleep needs
4. Schedule adequate sleep time
5. Prioritize daily tasks, delegate and avoid overcommitting yourself
6. Avoid caffeine after lunch time and alcohol within 3-4 hours of bedtime
7. Process your day in the early evening hours (not at bedtime) – make a to-do list, worry list, etc.
8. Optimize your sleep environment
9. Try aromatherapy
10. Invest in a comfortable mattress
11. Get new pillows
12. Try a mattress topper
13. Set an alarm for bedtime
14. Change into comfortable pajamas at bedtime
15. Go to bed earlier
16. Avoid accruing sleep debt – it takes 1 hour of sleep to replace every 2 hours of having been awake
17. Exercise – even a 10-minute walk during the day will improve sleep quality
18. Remove TVs and other electronics from bedrooms
19. Keep the bedroom cool, dark and quiet – make it your sleep oasis
20. Establish consistent, relaxing bedtime routines for you and your entire family
21. Dim lights in the evening
22. Power off electronics one hour prior to bedtime


23. Don’t have a clock visible during sleep hours
24. Consider painting the bedroom a tranquil color
25. Keep your bedroom clutter-free
26. Keep pets off the bed and out of the bedroom if they disturb your sleep
27. Don’t use the bed as a workspace/ meal space/ snack space
28. Take sanctioned naps when necessary (no more than 30 minutes)
29. Expose yourself to natural light in the mornings and eat breakfast
30. Keep a gratitude journal – enter 3 things at bedtime
31. Wind down with meditation / yoga / guided imagery
32. Don’t use the snooze alarm


Sleep Health and Wellness Professional

Sleep Health and Wellness Professional



Terry Cralle, RN is a registered nurse, certified clinical sleep educator, certified professional in Healthcare Quality, and has devoted much of her career to sleep health and wellness. As an educator and co-founder of a four-bed sleep disorders center, she serves as a consultant and speaker for numerous organizations, including schools, hospitals and corporations. She’s the author of Sleeping Your Way to the Top  and Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle. For more visit


  1. Staying cool is especially important. You can do this with the temperature regulating sleepwear and bedding

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