Fall Back on the Mattress of Your Dreams

sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock early morningThis Saturday night when you are ready to call it a day – don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour, check the battery in your smoke detector and evaluate you mattress! Yes, you read that right. This weekend marks the end of Daylight Saving Time and as we “fall back” we should take 5 and check all the smoke detectors in our home – same deal next year as we “spring forward”. We, at the Better Sleep Council, also suggest that you take a few extra minutes to evaluate your mattress for comfort and support.

Am I serious? Absolutely! Why? Well it’s an easy thing to remember when everyone is amped up about the extra hour of sleep we get on Saturday night! An extra hour of sleep??? Yes, I know – quite an indulgence.

Sleep matters to all of us. What’s the foundation for a good night’s rest? Your mattress! Ask anyone, particularly Terry Cralle, RN, MS, how important sleep is – or even better read about it for yourself in her new book.sleeping-your-way-to-the-top-2

So as you FALL Back this weekend – ask yourself, are you falling back on the mattress of your dreams? If not, your first step is to take the Better Bed Quizzz and get mattress shopping!

Need more help? Visit bettersleep.org for all the information you need to “Start Every Day With a Good Night’s Sleep ™!”



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Mary Helen Rogers
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