Sleeping Easy Before School Starts

HiResIt’s that time again! School supplies and backpacks are on sale and every store is selling the latest brands of clothing and shoes, but is your child actually ready for school now?

One of the most important things your child will need to prepare for the upcoming school year is, REST. After revisiting a blog post from Lissa Coffey on back-to-school sleep tips, I’ve realized that school aged children need 10-11 hours of sleep each night–which seems right, just way more sleep than I realized, so kids really do need an earlier bedtime than their parents.

So again, one of the best things we can do for our kids is to make sure they get a good night’s sleep.

Here are some tips and a video from BSC Spokesperson, Lissa Coffey for helping your child get back on a regimented sleep schedule:

1. Don’t get too far off track in the first place!  It’s okay to adjust a little bit for later nights when there is so much activity, but sleeping in until noon should never be happening.

2. Look at the calendar and adjust gradually.  Start mid-August with early bedtimes and earlier wake-up times, maybe half hour the first week, one hour the second week, until you finally are on schedule by the time school starts and it’s not such a shock to the system to all of a sudden change.

3. Make sure the child’s bed is the right size for him or her. Many kids have growth spurts over the summer, so back-to-school time is a good time to evaluate your child’s mattress. They may be ready for a bigger bed, especially teens! Also, check the condition of your child’s mattress. Oftentimes kids are the ones who get the “hand me down” mattresses.  If their mattress is older than 5-7 years, it probably needs to be replaced. A mattress is the foundation for a good night’s sleep.

4. Set up a nighttime routine.  Bath, jammies, read a book – so that it prepares the mind and body for sleep.  Have clothes laid out to make the morning easier. Calm, quiet, relaxed. For older kids and teens, make it a rule to turn off all technology one hour before bedtime so that it’s easier to fall asleep.

5. Make a morning routine.  Set an alarm, open the curtains to let in light.  Have breakfast on the table, backpacks ready to go out the door.  Energetic and organized!  A few days before school starts do some dry runs where you take the kids out early to the library, zoo, or visiting friends and relatives.

6. During the year, keep the same schedule on the weekends whenever possible, otherwise you have Monday mornings where the kids don’t want to drag themselves out of bed.

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Back to School Sleep Tips Video


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