Would you do yoga if it helped you sleep?

September is National Yoga Awareness Month but don’t feel down if yoga hasn’t been your “thing”. You can start incorporating yoga into your daily life at any stage and you may find that it brings more benefit than imagined—particularly when it comes to sleep!

Yoga is an ancient spiritual science that includes breath control, simple meditation and the practice of specific body postures. The resulting boost in relaxation can actually help beat insomnia by soothing your mind and body before bed.  A study by researchers at Harvard Medical School found improvements to several aspects of sleep such as: sleep efficiency and wake time after sleep onset.

Here are a few easy yoga poses that can be incorporated into any bedtime routine to help lull the body to sleep soundly.  Try these out!

All of these poses can be modified to your comfort level, and ideally, you should hold each pose anywhere between one and five minutes. Here are more ideas about how to incorporate yoga into your bedtime routine:

While performing yoga, keep your mind clear, don’t forget to breathe and watch your sleeping patterns begin to change for the better!

Namaste…and I wish you sweet dreams!


Jasmine Wood @JasmineSleeps   International Sleep Products Association




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