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Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand

Blogger:  Barbara Nelles.

If you’re interested in improving your sleep and health, you can stop your tossing and turning right now. Coming soon, there will be many new assistive gadgets at your fingertips—or on your wrist. This week the Mobile World Congress Feb. 24-27 wraps up in Barcelona, Spain, and product news from the show is everywhere on tech sites and in mainstream media. Among the coolest show introductions are the latest wearable tech devices, especially “health wearables” like smartwatches.

These products are similar to the Fitbit that launched in 2011, and other smartwatches and clip-ons including Pebble, Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Fitbit One is a clip-on focused on sleep. It “motivates you to reach your goals by bringing greater fitness into your life—seamlessly, socially, 24 hours a day,” the company says at its website. Fitbit One measures your sleep quality, helps you learn how to sleep better and wakes you in the morning.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit

But the functionality of the newest additions to what is being called the “quantified self movement” is getting even more amazing. The sleek Sony Smart Band that launched at Mobile World Congress is a wrist wearable that syncs with your smartphone and tracks your movement both sleeping and waking. The slender, form-fitting Gear Fit from Samsung, is a slick-looking fitness band with a wraparound display.

The biggest news in wearable health is yet to come. Tech giants Apple and Google are expected to launch their own versions of the of the smartwatch this year. Google said it will launch the Android Smart Watch in June. And the Apple iWatch is rumored to be on its way in 2014, too.

What’s really exciting about the newest health wearables is the extent to which they may integrate with all of our other devices and the inherent opportunities for the creation of ever more amazing apps for them. We can’t help hoping that moving forward, the newest wearable tech will deliver new ways to help us all focus on getting more and better sleep.

Guest blogger:

Barbara Nelles |
Digital editor
BedTimes | Sleep Savvy magazines

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