Guess what? We don’t NEED sleeping pills, says doctor

Remember last week when I talked about the scary study which found that nearly 9 million Americans use sleeping pills to fall asleep? Turns out there are others who agree that this statistic needs to change.

Dr. Christopher Winter, M.D., the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center thinks that people need to stop turning to “quick fixes” like prescription sleep aides.

“I think this study shows the unbelievable amount of lack of faith that people have when it comes to their sleep and the panic they feel when they don’t get what they need,” he said in a segment on HuffPost Live.  “We need to focus on the right thing…we’ve got to, as a society, stop saying things like, 90 million people need a pill to fall asleep–100 percent not true,” he says.

Check out the clip below for more on how he hopes to change our society’s attitudes toward sleep. (In case the video doesn’t load right away, refresh the page and it should pop up. Ahh, the joys of technology.)

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