Save your moolah (and social life) by sleeping!

Oh boy…Daylight Saving Time continues to totally kick my butt. Turns out I’m not alone, over 61% of Americans surveyed by the Better Sleep Council feel the effects from DST.  (Read: WE ARE TIRED, and WE NEED NAPS.)

As you know, being tired has a lot of adverse effects–everything from weight gain to mental fogginess. Boy oh boy am I feeling all of the above. Thank goodness for Dr. William Anthony for creating one of my favorite holidays, National Napping Day. Sure, it’s only celebrated on the Monday after DST, but I’m an overachiever and really like to stretch a good holiday out…birthdays, Thanksgiving, you name it. Napping Day is no exception.

Unfortunately for those of us who are exhausted, we’re less likely to cook, do our chores, exercise, socialize, or be fun to be around. In an essence, we’re all a bunch of Debbie Downers.

Well, let me expand that. We’re all a bunch of sleepy, sloth-like Debbie Downers. Hooray!?

If you’re like me and finding that your eyelids are struggling to stay open, it’s ok to take a quick nap–no more than 20 minutes long–for a quick refresher. Obviously try and commit to getting 7-8 hours of quality rest every night, but for those tough DST-induced drowsiness days, a quick nap is great for boosting energy levels.

For those of you who have this thing called “work” fear not. Here are a few ways to get a bit of shut-eye without getting in trouble:

  • Head to your company’s break room/employee lounge over lunch and curl up in a chair and set your cell phone alarm for 20  minutes. That still gives you a few minutes to eat your brown-bag lunch and get back to work.
  • If you’re one of the lucky ones to have an office all to yourself, lock the door, set your cell phone alarm and conk out.
  • Have a car? Crack the window and take a quick 20 min snooze there.
In the end, get the sleep you (and your wallet/social life) need to be at your best each and every day.
Until next time…
Sweet Dreams!
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